Guatemala Participants - 2015

"I am so in awe. The depth of this work continues to unfold. I'm reminded to get out of my own way and to allow it all to flow. Truly beautiful and awe inspiring. Words fail to express the depth of connection and the explosion in my heart. Thank you"- B., SSSEx Level 1

"The power and depth of this training continues to unfold in myself profoundly…presence has finally dawned here and this presence shows me how to hold all of myself through the various inner and outer manifestations. I feel steady and grounded; life has begun to flow as a continuous self-nourishment. Big love and a deeply heartfelt thank you to all of the trainers, in whom I feel absolute trust. I very much look forward to my next training" - A., SSSEX Level1

"The ISTA experience has been a deeply healing and transformational journey for me. Not only did we learn to honor our boundaries and create safe spaces for healing our wounds, we were also guided to take one hundred percent responsibility for our emotional well-being by learning shamanic tools for release and renewal. The whole training aims at empowering people by giving them tools to reclaim their ease, love and power, no matter what the outer circumstances may represent. I highly recommend this training to anyone who is genuinely devoted to transformation, wholeness and healing to unfold on all levels." - N., SSSEX Level1

“No matter what you think you know, there is the opportunity to go deeper in this training. A powerful, experiential journey, if one is willing to open up and trust the process!” Tia

“Take the leap! Follow the process from within without judgment. The result will show up. It will be within you and you will feel it.” Shalom

“Be present. Sit with the coaching, no matter where it takes you. You will be opened in ways you did not expect.” Gerry L.

“Dear future ISTA participant… This experience will fill you with love and light and show you how to see and feel it from within yourself. The process can be unexpected and it is so worth the journey.”  Anonymous

“Give yourself the chance to reconnect with your body and soul… an extraordinary week where you are gonna be with yourself and beautiful beings, all ready to open themselves to love and respect. Learn how to increase your sexual energy, equiliberating masculine and feminine energies inside you. Simple exercises and sacred rituals will help you in finding your way to ease and freedom. Pamper yourself, give yourself that gift.”  Anonymous

“If sexuality is of interest to you, then I recommend this course. Whatsoever you do in life, the recommendation is to be TOTAL, to find your true voice, your sovereignty, your own personal power within yourself. Not by looking for power outside of ourselves will be come to peace. Not by seeking fulfillment and love outside of ourselves will we find it. Just freakin answer the call, idiot! This course will blow your mind and trigger you like no other recipie of personal growth work has ever done before. Use the triggers to notice your repeated patterns of self denial.” Sally T.

“As a teacher and student of A Course in Miracles, I loved swimming in the language of reintegration with self and doing exercises of being love.” Teresa M.

“Shut up. Just fucking do it. Get out of your way. You can do it. Without a doubt!”  Eternally, Chelsea.

“The ISTA training helped me to open my heart, to let down my walls, to see myself and others more clearly.” Rick P.

Winter Park, CO Participants - 2015