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PT - Practitioner Training

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“My ISTA experience was by far and away the most powerful, awe inspiring healing experience of my LIFE. Transcendent and eye opening. Words cannot explain or do justice to this transformative awakening. I found something that I hadn’t even realized I lost. A wound that I couldn’t see, a pain that I didn’t know how to heal. I feel a peace and clarity that I haven’t ever felt before. I found myself and I love her so much. Thank you.” (K- Guatemala 2015)



Prerequisite: Completion of one or more ISTA SSSEx Level 1 trainings.  Level 1 is being offered the week prior to this event.

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Do you desire deeper intimacy, understanding & sexual connection?

Do you long to tap more deeply into your passion & what is alive for you right now?

Are you ready to break free of old patterns & embrace your inner guidance system?


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LEVEL 2 (Oct 01 - 07, 2017)

Our staff of facilitators are top leaders, from around the world, in the fields of sacred sexuality, personal development, tantra and shamanism.  



Welcome to the First ISTA Practitioner Training in the United States!

The demand for a Practitioner Training has been huge and our beloved ISTA teachers have listened! They have put all their love, passion and knowledge into creating a truly unique, comprehensive and career-focused program for you.  

Jump to the next level of your career as a Sacred Sexual Healer!

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LEVEL 1 (Sept 24 - 30, 2017)

Our World-Class Facilitators