Frank Mondeose  (Montreal, Canada) known as "The Spiritual Playboy", splits his energy between the realms of sensual entertainment and sex education.

He is the creator of the Canadian lifestyle brand Monde Osé, producing seductive dance events for open minded adults and the Director of the “Everything To Do with Sex” show, an annual adult consumer trade show.

Frank is also the Vice President of the Sexual Health Network of Québec, whose mission is making healthy information more easily available to Quebec youth.  He is on Faculty and the Lead North American Organizer for the International School of Temple Arts, an organism whose vision is to help guide humans towards a delightful, shameless, fearless and loving relationship with their own bodies, sexuality, emotions, hearts, minds and spirit.

In his free time, he authors TheSpiritualPlayboy.com, a blog site dedicated to his journey into Spirituality and Ecstasy.

Triambika Ma Vive - Lead Facilitator

Frank Mondeose - Facilitator

Rick Priddis (Lindon, UT) labels his area of focus the Conscious Relating and Sexuality field.  

After participating in numerous ISTA trainings, Quodoushka, Shamanic De-Armoring, Tantra and other training, he became certified as a Cuddle Party Facilitator, as a way to introduce new ways of being to the conservative Utah community.  He teaches more advanced workshops to "Cuddle Party Graduates" on Conscious Relating and Tantra.

Rick has unique insight and understanding for people making the transition from ultra-conservative religious culture, having served as a missionary, "High Priest" and leader in his previous religious life.  Rick is also a Master Mason (Freemasonry).   

Owning and running a Record Label for over 30 years, Rick enjoys applying his years of music business experience to organizing ISTA trainings.  

Crystal Dawn Morris - Lead Facilitator

Raffaello Manacorda - Facilitator

Stephanie Phillips (Melbourne, Australia​) draws on intuitive pathways to open the body to its natural wisdom, with tools for re-membering authentic power and energetic alignment. She works with modalities of self awareness including Mindfulness, Gestalt therapy, movement meditation, dance expression, humanistic psychology, NLP, Tantra, shamanic practices, conscious sexuality and the healing arts.

Here's an interview with ISTA Organiser Nic Tovey and Facilitator Stephanie Phillips discussing the ISTA level 1 training for Sydney 2017:  https://youtu.be/I8QL3sTiub8

​Her background is Classical / Contemporary Dance, a B. Ed, the Fitness industry, the Health and Wellness sector, executive coaching, and crafting groundbreaking and transformational mentoring programs for men and women.

Triambika Ma Vive (​San Diego, CA), founder of The Ecstatic Awareness Institute, is a professional sex, intimacy and relationship Coach as well as an international sacred sexuality seminar leader. Based in Southern California, her passion has been in supporting others to transform their shadow into personal power. She offers Tantric Dakini Mentorships and Women’s Sensual Empowerment courses throughout the United States, Australia and Europe. She is a faculty member of the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and a lead teacher of the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner Training.
A natural facilitator, Triambika is a clear and articulate channel for the teachings of Erotic Spirituality and the non-dual dance of Divine masculine and feminine dynamics.
Her extensive practice with the time-honored tradition of Tantra give her a solid foundation for contemporary methods of awakening consciousness.www.ecstaticawareness.com

Raffaello Manacorda (Barcelona, Spain) is an international Tantra teacher, Yoga instructor and Daka. He has been practicing Tantra for more than 15 years and has undergone intensive training in several styles of Yoga. After completing a master's degree in Philosophy, Raffaello decided to spend more than twelve years living in alternative communities and experimenting with radically alternative lifestyles. It was in this wild years that he first encountered Tantra, the "rebel way to Spirit", and got fascinated with it. This developed into a life-long practice, first on a solo journey, then studying Tantra and Yoga in some of the best worldwide schools. Raffa is proud to have joined the ISTA family and excited to share his gifts in this transformational field.

Raffaello is the creator of The Network of Love, a unique workshop on relationships, love, and sexuality. In 2016, he published “Conscious Relationships, The Art of Bringing Awareness to Intimacy & Sexuality”, a practical guide to evolved intimate relationships.


Crystal Dawn Morris, MA (Sedona, AZ) has been involved with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) since it was formed in 2008 and is a Lead-Faculty for the ISTA Trainings. She is a Tantra Teacher and Intimacy Coach and has trained with the SkyDancing Institute and studied Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga and a variety of non-dual meditation traditions. Crystal has been a Reiki Practitioner since 1994. She founded TantraforAwakening.org in 2007.

Crystal is a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Shamanic Minister. She began studying shamanism in 1985 and started a shamanic consulting practice in 1995. She has studied with Venus Rising Institute, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and numerous Native Medicine People since 1992.

Crystal was involved in women’s health and spirituality for over 25 years. After the birth of her two sons, she became passionate about helping women to experience childbirth as a spiritual initiation. She worked in healthcare from 1984-2007 as an RN, NP and Certified Nurse-Midwife and has attended over 2,000 births. She lives in Sedona, AZ and teaches in the US, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.

Richard Priddis - ISTA Organizer

& Apprentice Facilitator

Stephanie Phillips - Facilitator