Level 1 & Level 2       Oracle (Tucson), AZ  -  Sept / Oct 2017

Known as "The Spiritual Playboy", Frank (Montreal, Canada) splits his energy between the realms of sensual entertainment and sex education.

He is the creator of the Canadian lifestyle brand Monde Osé, producing seductive dance events for open minded adults and the Director of the “Everything To Do with Sex” show, an annual adult consumer trade show.

Frank is also the Vice President of the Sexual Health Network of Québec, whose mission is making healthy information more easily available to Quebec youth.  He is on Faculty and the Lead North American Organizer for the International School of Temple Arts, an organism whose vision is to help guide humans towards a delightful, shameless, fearless and loving relationship with their own bodies, sexuality, emotions, hearts, minds and spirit.

In his free time, he authors TheSpiritualPlayboy.com, a blog site dedicated to his journey into Spirituality and Ecstasy.

Frank Mondeose - Facilitator

Laurie Handlers (Phoenix, AZ) is a sex educator, movie producer, radio show host, best-selling author, and intimacy coach. She holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology.

Her career includes over thirty years as a corporate change consultant, individual empowerment coach and international seminar leader. She’s a dynamic speaker, facilitator and has taught transformational workshops for women, men, couples, singles, parents and teens since 1978.  Her workshops teach communication techniques and secrets that are the basis of healing the body, releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the aging process, and reducing stress.

Podcasts from her show Sex and Happiness can be found on Web Talk Radio. Laurie stars in a hilarious indie documentary “Tantric Tourists” and her latest is the docudrama “Beyond Dinner”. Her book Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy and her CD “Shamanic Release & Latihan” are samples of her offerings.

Crystal Dawn Morris, MA (Sedona, AZ) has been involved with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) since it was formed in 2008 and is a Lead-Faculty for the ISTA Trainings. She is a Tantra Teacher and Intimacy Coach and has trained with the SkyDancing Institute and studied Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga and a variety of non-dual meditation traditions. Crystal has been a Reiki Practitioner since 1994. She founded TantraforAwakening.org in 2007.

Crystal is a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Shamanic Minister. She began studying shamanism in 1985 and started a shamanic consulting practice in 1995. She has studied with Venus Rising Institute, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and numerous Native Medicine People since 1992.

Crystal was involved in women’s health and spirituality for over 25 years. After the birth of her two sons, she became passionate about helping women to experience childbirth as a spiritual initiation. She worked in healthcare from 1984-2007 as an RN, NP and Certified Nurse-Midwife and has attended over 2,000 births. She lives in Sedona, AZ and teaches in the US, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.

Richard Priddis - Apprentice Facilitator & ISTA Organizer

Rex McCann - Lead Facilitator

Rick (Lindon, UT) labels his area of focus the Conscious Relating and Sexuality field.  

After participating in numerous ISTA trainings, Quodoushka, Shamanic De-Armoring, Tantra and other training, he became certified as a Cuddle Party Facilitator, as a way to introduce new ways of being to the conservative Utah community.  He teaches more advanced workshops to "Cuddle Party Graduates" on Conscious Relating and Tantra.

Rick has unique insight and understanding for people making the transition from ultra-conservative religious culture, having served as a missionary, "High Priest" and leader in his previous religious life.  Rick is also a Master Mason (Freemasonry).   

Owning and running a Record Label for over 30 years, Rick enjoys applying his years of music business experience to organizing ISTA trainings.  

Laurie Handlers - Lead Facilitator

Crystal Dawn Morris - Lead Facilitator

A native New Zealander with a global heart, Rex McCann has been leading transformational programs with men and women for 25 years.  He is the founder of Essentially Men (essentiallymen.net) the ground breaking mens work of Aotearoa New Zealand, co-founder of the Heart Politics Gatherings, author of Fatherless Sons (Harper Collins) and On Their Own (Finch). He is trained in group work, psychodrama, expressive therapies, co-counseling and has a Masters degree in Social Ecology. His experience has been honed from working extensively with groups in all kinds of settings from the wilderness to corporations, prisons to ashrams, and anywhere in the community people are showing up for wisdom. Over his life he has explored diverse mystery traditions, shamanistic practices and spiritual enquiry. His outer world expressions have been diverse - from a young hunter living in the wilderness, to activism, street theatre, trainer, community catalyst and group leadership. He has a solid reputation for leading potent rites of passage and is known for his wise and playful style and ability to hold people with love while they shed their skin.